Quality management starts in development, where every single aspect is taken into account, in order to evince the product functionality.

​The purchase of raw materials is subjected to scrutiny regarding technical and functional indicators, previously defined in the design phase and aligned with RAL ( Quality Mark for Candles, European Candles Association), REACH standards and other applicable legislation. The manufacturing lines where the technical, aesthetical and functional characteristics of the products are certified, are continuously   self-regulated and self-controlled. This process is supplemented by audit, based on the criticality of the detected deviations.

​Promol process is also subjected to external audits. Promol is certified by RAL standard, in terms of Process Quality, by Nordic Eco Label (Swan Label, Scandinavian norm aiming to adopt sustainability principles in the materials and industrial processes used), as well as by RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil), regarding the sustainability of palm plantations and downstream processes).

Integrated policy of Quality, Environment and Safety.


​As an integral part of the ALG Group, Promol Indústria de Velas SA is a candle manufacturer located in Portugal with a broader outlook on the Northern Europe and Scandinavia market. We see ourselves as a reference player in an increasingly competitive market, where we have been active for more than 40 years. Our strategy is based on the customer awareness of our products quality, and our specialized processes and the suitability of our products to the target market is crucial. Only in this way will we increase our competitiveness, creating environmental and economical sustainability, health and well-being for the stakeholders.


The policy of Quality, Environment and Safety here presented has been developed with the purpose of stimulating the internal decision systems into a single management system. It is based on the following principles:

  • Continuous improvement of the management system, by promoting its efficiency and effectiveness in the compliance with the goals outlined in the strategic planning;

  • The quality of the products must be recognized by reference economic agents;

  • We are focused on the expertise and professionalism of our employees, as well as on the adequacy of resources, promoting their involvement in a suitable working atmosphere. To this end we do not engage or support any kind of discrimination, harassment, corruption, forced labour or child exploitation;

  • We take as a focal point the legal compliance with the general and sectoral legislation as well as with all the subscribed norms; 

  • We contribute to a sustainable environmental development, adopting a careful consumption of key resources, preventing pollution and promoting the sustainable development across the ecosystem;

  • Commitment with the health and well-being of our employees, taking into account specific constraints (for example, youth work), mainly in terms of preventing unsafe actions and situations;

  • Establishment of enduring relations among stakeholders, so as to minimize menaces and boost opportunities,  taking into account  the risks and stakeholders expectations, always in a perspective of cooperation, mutual trust, respect, thoroughness, keeping the focus on result;

  • Business ethics based on values such as trust, integrity and honesty, which are vital for a long term vision.


We foster, in stakeholders, the compliance with this policy so that, together, we achieve the goals set. This policy of Quality, Environment and Safety is reviewed annually and amended when necessary, so as to keep its effectiveness and continuous adjustment.