Let us fill with the flame of life! 

Christmas spirit invites to harmony and celebration of Rebirth, a time of union and family.

The colours and shapes of our Christmas series intend to contribute for the light, warmth and family harmony to grant you a Merry Christmas.

​Giving is taking…

Spring / Summer

This is the time of the rebirth of life and refinement of the senses.

​The rain diminishes and allows flowers to blossom and exhale their unique perfume.

How about an outdoor piquenique? 

Enjoy the emanated essence and the colours of our candles in harmony with the best Nature has to offer us.

All year around

​The diversity of colours and shapes in our regular series are perfect props for the creation of a very special moment.


Our table candles ennoble the occasion, glass can be multifaceted in interior design. There is nothing more versatile than our Tealights/Maxi-Tealights.



Find the most suitable combination among the shapes, colours and fragrances we offer you… and enjoy! 


Seize the moment and make it unique.