About Us


Inaugurated in 1976, Promol, Indústria de Velas S.A. is, nowadays, a benchmark in the industrial sector and decorative candles trade. Although our main focus is the Northern Europe highly demanding market, we don’t neglect the local market. We are mainly focused on the B2B market, large and average retail stores and the “discount” system, always paying special attention to the specificity demanded by a more and more specialized market sector.

Promol focus is on the client satisfaction. Historically, the candle was used as a source of light and heat. Nowadays, reality is entirely different. The candle is a way of being. It is used as an enhancing source of emotions and feelings, and in the creation of pleasant environments. In this regard, the purpose of Promol is to combine materials, shapes, colours, fragrances and decorations in order to achieve the most adequate product to a specific situation or moment. 

Cultural diversity within Europe represents a challenge to our business model and demands a deep knowledge of each market drivers. Promol presents the added value of being incorporated in an European Group, which allows an industrial and commercial prominence not only in Portugal but also in Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Through our own brands (Promol Candle, 5ence and Driada) or through Group brands, we are closer to the most demanding european markets.


Promol’s differentiation strategy stands on a very strong pillar: Innovation.

Each season has its own unique and distinctive characteristics, whether it is a specific event or a particular occasion. Furthermore, there´s a set of trends which are consolidated in colours and shapes that add value to interior and exterior decoration. It is this whole environment that is processed in the design of new products, so that each time a candle is lit, feelings are created.

This process takes shape either by our own design team self-initiative or by the challenges posed by our Clients. The vision is crafted in order to transform a vague idea into a specific product. Aesthetics-Functionality pairing is always taken into account ( the two  factors are intrinsic), which demands a thorough technical and economical study of every material, applicable production techniques and packaging, to effectively respond and, if possible, exceed the Client expectations, whether he is internal or external.


Being a candle manufacturer at an European level means being able to maintain a high degree of competitiveness, arising from the use of the most adequate manufacturing techniques to the particularities of each product, from combining automatic and/or semi-automatic manufacturing processes, from using high quality raw materials, from the expertise of Human Resources, from the resources efficiency and from the strong and constant focus on the continuous improvement of processes.


We manufacture around 9 million tons of candles per year, of which we emphasize the pillar candles, table candles, candles in glass/ceramic, tea-lights and maxi tea-lights. In order to be able to work directly with retail, we also develop and produce assorted displays and crates ready to be placed in the points of sale, everything with a client selected design and packaging.